Local or Cloud IoT Server

Serves as a concentrator for data acquisition from 4i Dashes, OPC, PLC and other distributed agents. Performs the functions of administration of the architecture, data storage and application host. Light, Compact, Enterprise and Cloud versions available.

The 4i SERVER is the fundamental piece of the architecture of a 4i installation, housing the real time and relational databases, applications, tools and the website that controls and manages the entire system.

In order to adapt to each plant necessities, different server versions are available:


Server in HardwareServer in SoftwareServer in the Cloud
▪         200 tags

▪         1x4iAG-OPC

▪         10Gb Data Retention

▪         500 tags

▪         1x4iAG-OPC

▪         1x4iAG-PLC

▪         Unlimited Data Retention

▪         Remote Support 1 year

▪         100 tags

▪         Free Up grades

▪         5-year Data Retention

▪         Unlimited Remote Support

▪         Supports internal agents (requires license)

▪         Internal OPC Server not supported

▪         Supports 4i Apps up to 30 Machines

▪         Requires Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard (or newer)

▪         Requires SQL Server 2014 Standard (or newer)

▪         Required Services for Installation (at least 2 days)

▪         Internal agents not supported

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